Chef’s Daily Specials

Our Chef’s Daily Specials are definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of fish and seafood. Seasonal influences shape this delicious menu on a daily basis, with only the best ingredients selected for our customers.

Chef's Daily Specials

Scaloppe – £9.95
Fresh scallops cooked in cherry tomato and white wine sauce, with a touch of red chilli.

Gamberoni all Aglio – £9.95
Giant tiger prawns cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce served with homemade foccacia bread.

Cozze – £6.95
Fresh mussels cooked in white wine, garlic & Italian herbs.

Bruchetta al Gamberoni – £7.95
Marinated king prawns tossed with an infusion of Mediterranean flavours and fresh chilli served on rustic Tuscan bread.

Salmon Carpaccio – £7.95
Smoked Scottish salmon freshly prepared with avocado, fresh rocket and cherry tomatoes.

lobster thermidor

Fresh Half Lobster – £25 / whole £40
Fresh lobster cooked with linguine pasta, tomato salsa & a touch of chilli.

Fresh lobster Thermidor – £25
Served with creamy linguni.

Monkfish – £17.95
Fresh monkfish cooked with capers,mussel in a creamy brandy sauce, served with fresh mixed vegetables.

Cozze – £13.95
Fresh mussels cooked in white wine, garlic & Italian herbs.

Linguine Pescatore – £15.95
Linguine with fresh mixed seafood in a pomodoro sauce with a touch of chilli.

Smoked Scottish Salmon & Avacado Salad – £12.95
Freshly prepared crab meat wrapped in smoked salmon, with fresh avocado, served on a mixed leaf salad with a rose-marie sauce.

Tagliatelle Gamberoni – £13.95
Fresh tiger prawns cooked with spinach, cherry tomatoes, white wine and garlic with a touch of chilli.

Black Tagliatelle – £13.95
Fresh tiger prawns and squid cooked with sun dried tomatoes. white wine and garlic with a touch of chillies.

Branzino al Finocchio – £16.95
Pan cooked fillet of sea bass served on a bed of asparagus spears with a Pernod sauce, topped with fresh sea bass stuffed ravioli pasta and sauteed fresh vegetables.

Sogliola con Spinaci – £16.95
Oven baked fresh lemon sole, filled with prawns & spinach, then topped with mature cheddar cheese in a white wine and herb sauce.

Branzino con Asparagi – £15.95
Fresh grilled seabass fillet on a bed of asparagus with a creamy saffron sauce.

Typical menu with fresh ingredients, subject to seasonal change. Please always check on specific availability.

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